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Perfex Corporation was founded in 1924 as the Brooklyn Broom & Brush Company specializing in fiber brooms. Over the past 85 years Perfex has grown to become the nation's principal manufacturer of cleaning tools for critical environments. Perfex Corporation is now under the management of Michael E. Kubick, who represents the third generation of the Kubick family. Located in the scenic foothills of the Adirondack Mountains in the Mohawk Valley Region of upstate New York, the Perfex brand is recognized around the world. The firm possesses many mechanical and design patents, resulting from our ongoing research and development program which has pioneered many new innovations offering major improvements in both performance and value to its customers. Founder, Matthew Kubick, believed professional cleaning tools should be designed to eliminate the prevalent problems associated with their use. For example, our patented Lite-N-Tite connection system, designed to eliminate the frequent problem of broken handles and our fusion-set process preventing premature fiber fallout, have become the standard in hygiene conscious facilities today. More recently, the use of visually coded fiber has helped to isolate areas of use and control cross-contamination.

For more than 85 years Perfex has been a global leader in the engineering and manufacturing of unique and innovative cleaning tools for cleanrooms and controlled environments. We have focused our efforts in providing high quality products for cleaning professionals in today’s pharmaceutical manufacturing, infection control, food service and sanitary maintenance markets. Understanding the specific needs of each industry, we have developed a product range to simplify and solve any cleaning challenge.

Our TruCLEAN product line provides the most up-to-date, professional cleanroom mopping systems for today's critical cleaning industries. High-quality, fully autoclavable stainless steel components accommodate each mopping system. TruCLEAN Mopping Systems are complimented by our TruCLEAN disposable products, fit for all critical environments. Laundered mops are processed in a Class 100 cleanroom facility and can be repeatedly laundered or autoclaved providing exceptional value.

Perfex manufactures a full line of color-coded brooms, brushes, squeegees, laboratory and scientific brushes as well as sanitary handling products including scoops, shovels, scrapers and telescopic handles. We specialize in delivering cost effective, reliable goods at the highest level of quality and service to you. This passion keeps us constantly on the move, creating new products and improving others. With over 200 products to choose from, we are sure to have something new and innovative for any business or household.

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TruCLEAN Mopping Systems

Maintaining specific levels of cleanliness in critically controlled environments is extremely difficult. TruCLEAN Mopping Systems work to capture and isolate contaminants; ensuring delivery of unadulterated cleaning
and sanitizing agents.

TruCLEAN Pro XL...The Ultimate Cleanroom Mopping System


TruCLEAN Anti-Microbial Mop has an added anti-microbial agent permanently bonded to the fibers, working to capture, contain and combat dust and allergens. Perfex anti-microbial treated mop can eliminate up to 99% of the bacteria present on the cloth after cleaning. Can be repeatedly laundered or autoclaved providing exceptional value.