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Extremely durable polypropylene fibers are non-conductive and will not absorb bacteria, liquids or odors. Manufactured using USDA & FDA approved raw materials, 100% recyclable. Extend service life with proper storage using a Perfex Tool Mounting Bar.

Available in Red, White, Blue, Green or Yellow. Unless specified.

Push Brooms (Item #2518/2524 Stiff Sweep) (Item #2618/2624 Soft Sweep)

Stiff Sweep is excellent for sweeping heavy or coarse material from unfinished surfaces, wood, concrete and blacktop. Soft Sweep features frayed brush fiber, excellent for sweeping fine to medium particles from smooth floors, vinyl, linoleum, terrazzo, marble, tile, finished wood and smooth concrete.
Recommended Handles: (No. 8800, 8660, 8560)

18/24" length x 4" height. Brush Block: 2¾" width

Rough Sweep Push Broom (Item #2418)

Filled with extra stiff orange fibers. Use on rough surfaces with heavy loads. Easily removes embedded deposits. Available in 18” only.
Recommended Handles: (No. 8800, 8660, 8560)

18" length x 2¾" width x 5" height

Upright Brooms (Item #2200 Light Sweep, #2300 Heavy Sweep)

Polypropylene fibers are angled for uniform surface contact, providing a thorough sweeping in a single pass. Cover more area in less time. Wears evenly and will not curl like most brooms. Lite-N-Tite connection system securely seats handle in place. No more loose handles or premature fiber fallout. Light sweep suggested for fine to medium particles. Heavy sweep suggested for coarse material.
Recommended Handles: (No. 8800s, 8348)

9½” length x 1¾" width brush block. Fiber trim: 5¼” to 7”

Specialty Brooms

Track & Switch Broom with Chisel (Item #1368)

Designed for very harsh conditions, fibers will tolerate temperatures down to -70˚F. Machine pressed metal cap with baked finish inside and out to prevent rust. Heat-fused polypropylene fibers are locked in place by steel, zinc-plated rivets. Stiff sweeping action produced by galvanized wire bands clinched securely in place. Drop-forged and hardened steel chisel with sharp ground edge. Tapered steel ferrule eliminates protrusion that may damage track equipment. Packaged twelve per carton

10” Fiber Trim, 55½” overall length

Fire Fighting Broom (Item #1304)

Designed for direct attack on fires in grass, leaves and underbrush. Standard equipment for Fire Fighters and Forestry Service departments, also used in fire investigation activities. Exceeds the rigorous demands of fire suppression work while being light enough to be easily carried to remote areas. The hardwood handle, stiff textured Palmyra fiber and metal cap are machine pressed to prevent loose handles and fiber fallout. Baked finish inside and out, resists chipping, flaking and rusting. Packaged twelve per carton

10” Fiber Trim, 53¾” overall length