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Scrubbing Pads & Pad Holder

Scrubbing Pads

Light Duty: #5200 - For fine surfaces, sinks, vinyl and stainless steel. Color: White.
Medium Duty: #5300 - Great for scrubbing pots and pans. Color: Red.
Heavy Duty: #5400 - Ideal for scrubbing grills, broilers and brickwork. Color: Blue.

10” length x 4¾” width

Pad Holder (Item #5000)

Unique swivel allows holder to twist and turn to clean hard to reach areas. Eliminate stooping when cleaning floors and baseboards. Reach walls, windows and ceilings without climbing a ladder. Simply attach pad to the velcro base holder and you are ready to reach those inaccessible areas.
Compatible with 12 ft. Extension Handle (#8612) or 18 ft. Extension Handle (#8618).
Recommended Handles: (No. 8800, 8660, 8560).

9¼” length x 3¾” width