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TruCLEAN Mop Frame

TruCLEAN Cleanroom Cleaning Tools

TruCLEAN mopping systems and accessories supply critical cleaning professionals with products engineered for cleanliness and durability. Autoclavable, stainless steel components accommodate each TruCLEAN mopping system.

Effectively reduce the risk of cross-contamination by capturing and isolating contaminants from cleaning and disinfecting agents.

Each mopping system component will play an important role in delivering the highest level of sanitation to your facility. For example, our innovative swivel mop frame uniformly and precisely applies cleaning and sanitizing agents onto floors, walls and ceilings. The unique stainless steel wringer exerts force evenly across the entire mop head, extracting the maximum amount of soiled contaminants.

A variety of high-quality mopping systems to radically improve your facilities cleaning process include: TruCLEAN Pro XL, TruCLEAN Pro, TruCLEAN 2, and TruCLEAN Deluxe Disinfection Systems.

Quality matters, our TruCLEAN disposable products will help you achieve consistent, reliable cleaning results time and time again. TruCLEAN sponge mops, TruCLEAN microfiber mops, TruCLEAN sponge wipes and TruCLEAN mop covers are all highly trusted products for controlled environments.

TruCLEAN Products are compatible with gamma, ETO and autoclave sterilization.