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TruCLEAN Deluxe Disinfection (Item #30-3)

Easily apply sanitizing and disinfecting agents to floors, walls and ceilings. The Deluxe Disinfection system includes one sieve for use with 36 Liter bucket and an additional sieve for use with waste containment bucket. Dip mop in 36 Liter bucket, press mop on sieve to rid of excess and apply to surface. Precisely positioned apertures release excess disinfectant into waste containment bucket. Red, White, Blue.   Data Sheet

TruCLEAN Disinfection (Item #30-1)

Designed for quick application of sterilizers and disinfectants. TruCLEAN Disinfection System is a must for small area cleaning in health care or food preparation environments. Includes one stainless steel sieve for use with 36 Liter bucket. Compatible with gamma, ETO and autoclave sterilization. Red, White, Blue.   Data Sheet

TruCLEAN Sponge Mop & Mop Cover sample pack included!

System Components

TruCLEAN 36 Liter Bucket (Item #30-36)

Disinfection systems utilize a large 36 Liter polymer bucket with standard twin wheel 3” casters, one with brake. Non-marring, glides smoothly over all floors. Unique brake permits parking on uneven floors.
Red, White, Blue.

19½" length x 18½" width x 17½" height   Data Sheet

Stainless Steel Sieve (Item #30-46/30-47)

Precisely positioned apertures release excess disinfecting agents. Press mop on sieve to rid of excess and apply to surface. Sieve (#30-46) for use with waste containment bucket, sieve (#30-47) for use with 36 Liter bucket. Both included with TruCLEAN Deluxe Disinfection system. TruCLEAN Disinfection system includes sieve (#30-47) only.

(#30-46) 16¾" length x 5⅜" width x 1⅛" height
(#30-47) 17" length x 5⅛" width x 1⅜" height   Data Sheet

TruCLEAN Waste Containment Bucket (Item #30-09)

Positioned beneath stainless steel sieve, 9 Liter bucket works to capture and isolate contaminants from cleaning and disinfecting agents. Included with TruCLEAN Deluxe Disinfection systems. Red, White, Blue.

18½" length x 10¾" width x 8¾" height   Data Sheet

TruCLEAN Mop Frame (Item #22-38)

High-grade stainless steel mop frame can be maneuvered onto floors, walls, ceilings, baseboards and confined areas such as corners or stairs. Low profiled, swivel frame efficiently cleans under fixtures
or other hard to reach areas. Permits mopping in an "S" motion. Accurately balanced to deliver continual surface contact at any angle. Swivel joint locks into position allowing for maximum contact pressure.
Quick-squeeze, frame-locking mechanism allows contaminated mop head to easily be replaced.
Also available in fixed position (#22-39).

15½" length x 3⅞" width x 5¾" height   Data Sheet

TruCLEAN Adjustable Handles (Item #22-57)

High-quality polymer construction is durable and lightweight (16oz./64 grams). Comfortable 1” handle grip. Simply grasp upper handle and twist center grip to adjust handle from 34” to 62”, twist grip back to lock handle securely in place. Impervious to water, grease, detergents, sanitizers and solvents. Will not rot, corrode or oxidize. (Handle) Red, White, Blue. (Grips) Red, White, Blue, Green, Yellow.

Longer adjustable handles:
(#88-12) adjusts from 72” to 144”
(#88-18) adjusts from 110” to 216” (White Only)   Data Sheet

Standard 3" Caster (Item #22-44) (#22-40 w/brake)

TruCLEAN Disinfection systems are equipped with twin wheel 3” casters made of high temperature resistant plastic, all wheels are non-marring. TruCLEAN mopping systems include one caster with brake.

Data Sheet

TruCLEAN Options

TruCLEAN Stainless Steel Handle (Item #22-58)

One-piece, electro-polished, Type 304 stainless steel handle. 2 lbs.

¾” diameter, 57¼” overall length   Data Sheet