TruCLEAN Wringer

TruCLEAN Mopping Systems

Capture and isolate contaminants, ensuring the delivery of pure cleaning agents.
Compatible with gamma, ethylene oxide, and auotclave sterilization.

TruCLEAN Sponge Mop

TruCLEAN Sponge Mop

Ideal for cleaning and disinfecting floor, walls, and ceilings in sterile environments.
Specially formulated grade of polyurethane foam, 100% lint and fiber free.

TruCLEAN Mop Frame

TruCLEAN Mop Frame

Stainless steel swivel mop frame with low-profile design.
Quick-squeeze frame mechanism allows easy exchange of soiled mop heads.

PERFEX: Innovative Cleaning Tools For Controlled Environments


Perfex Corporation is an industry leading manufacturer of environment-specific mopping systems, mops, and hygienic material handling tools. Our TruCLEAN product line includes autoclave compatible mopping systems designed to control contamination in cleanroom environments.

We're a family-owned business focused on the hygienic requirements of critical manufacturing industries. Our insightful team is highly-qualified to aid customers in achieving their sanitary goals.

In addition to our professional-grade cleaning tools, we strive to provide a positive customer experience. Therefore, you can always expect a prompt and courteous interaction.

Proudly Made in the USA!

Optimize Cleanroom Sanitation

Clean Disinfect

Clean, Disinfect, or Both?

Don't let your cleaning process impact finished goods. Learn practical mopping system techniques for use in controlled environments.

Choosing a Cleanroom Mop

Mop Guide

Which Mop Should I Use?

Selecting the appropriate mop for contamination control and cleaning efficiency is tough. We'll make it easy on you with a few helpful tips.

Company History


It's a Family Tradition

Utilizing core values found only in a company with a family owned background. Dedication, respect, and hard-work is evident at Perfex.