Multi-Purpose Brush

Multi-Purpose Brush

Item Number: 3040

Multi-Purpose Brush contains moderately-stiff polyester fibers that are flared to maintain surface contact at any angle. 
Surround fiber-set prevents block from damaging surfaces.

Provides exceptional scrubbing on a variety of irregular surfaces, as well as floors, walls and ceilings. Durable poly fibers will not collapse and quickly rinse odor free. Visually coded to isolate areas of use.

High-impact resistant polymer block withstands soaking and will not rot, decay, chip or crack. Superb abrasion and chemical resistance. Non-absorbent and non-conductive. Unaffected by water, grease, petroleum products, detergents, sanitizer and solvents.

10" - Length
4¾" - Brush Block

Recommended Handle