Push Broom

Push Broom

Item Number: 2518/2524 (Stiff Sweep)
Item Number: 2618/2624 (Soft Sweep)

Stiff Sweep Push Broom
Excellent for sweeping heavy or coarse material and removing difficult dirt and deposits from unfinished surfaces, wood, concrete and blacktop.

Soft Sweep Push Broom
Excellent for sweeping very fine and medium particles from resilient smooth floors, vinyl, linoleum, marble, tile, finished wood and smooth concrete.

Polypropylene brush fibers are fused onto high-impact resistant polymer block, eliminating premature fiber fallout and areas for contaminants to collect. Durable fibers maintain shape and are visually coded to isolate areas of use.

Patented Lite-N-Tite connection system extends brush life with unique socket design that locks PVC sanitary handle into a very tight fit.

Available in 18" and 24" lengths.

Recommended Handles