Extension Mop Handle

TruCLEAN Extension Mop Handle

 Item Number: 88-12 (12' Extension Handle)
Item Number: 88-18 (18' Extension Handle)

TruCLEAN Extension Mop Handle is both lightweight and ergonomic, containing a high-quality polymer structure with a comfortable 1" handle grip. Non-porous, super-smooth surface is pleasant to the touch and prevents microbial growth. Impervious to water, grease, detergents, sanitizer, and solvents. Will not rot, corrode or oxidize.

Optimize working posture and improve cleaning efficiency. Simply grasp the upper handle and twist center grip to adjust, twist grip back to lock handle securely in place.
12' Extension Handle adjusts from 6' to 12'.
18' Extension Handle adjusts from 9' to 18'.

Compatible with gamma, ethylene oxide and autoclave sterilization. 

Weight: #88-12: (1.95 lb)  -  #88-18: (2.48 lb)