Extension Mop Handle

12'/18' Extension Mop Handle

Extension Mop Handle

Constructed with high-quality polymer and composite materials using pull-wound technology. Lightweight and durable handle with super-smooth finish to prevent microbial growth. Simply grasp the upper handle and twist center-grip to adjust, turn left to lock in place. Comfortable 1” handle-grip reduces hand-strain, transfers maximum energy with minimum exertion.

Impervious to water, grease, detergent, sanitizer, and solvents. Will not rot, corrode or oxidize.

Compatible with gamma, ethylene oxide, and autoclave sterilization.

#88-12: 12' Extension Handle
Adjusts from 6' to 12' - (1.95 lb)

List Price: $67.20 each

#88-18: 18' Extension Handle
Adjusts from 9' to 18' - (2.48 lb)

List Price: $100.80 each

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