Stainless Steel Sieve

TruCLEAN Stainless Steel Sieve

Item Number: 30-46/30-47

TruCLEAN Stainless Steel Sieves are made with electropolished, Type 304 stainless steel. Incorporates precisely positioned apertures to release excess disinfectant into either the waste bucket or 36 Liter bucket.
Press mop on sieve to rid of excess and apply to surface.
#30-46: For use with Waste Bucket (#30-09).
#30-47: For use with 36 Liter Bucket (#30-36).

TruCLEAN Deluxe Disinfection System includes sieves #30-46 and #30-47.
TruCLEAN Disinfection System includes sieve #30-47 only.

Compatible with gamma, ethylene oxide and autoclave sterilization.